Cherry Blossom Births


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Cherry Blossom Births offers birth support services and hypnobirthing courses to expectant parents in Dorset.

Anxious about giving birth?
Want a natural labour?
Had a previous negative experience?

I offer a full KGH birth preparation course including hypnobirthing techniques to expectant parents. I am passionate about antenatal education and aim for everyone to have the best possible birth for them.


Q Can anyone do hypnobirthing classes?

Yes, the only requirement you need to be able to do my KGH course is to be pregnant. Any age or gestation will benefit. It also does not matter whether it is your first baby or not or where and how you intend to give birth; this course will benefit a home or hospital birth and a vaginal or caesarean birth. My course is for anyone that is anxious about giving birth or anyone that wants to learn more about birth and to give them the knowledge to make decisions about their birth and have the most positive birth experience possible.